What is the outer material of The Book Seat?

The Book Seat comes in a high-quality microfibre faux suede fabric that feels nice and soft to touch. Another benefit of this material is the stain resistant qualities, a reason it is commonly used as a furnishing fabric.

How do I clean my Book Seat?

Because of the stain resistant qualities of the outer fabric, light spills are not quick to absorb and run off The Book Seat. For dust & fibres, a dry bristled brush does the trick or a dry microfibre cloth. For heavier stains, we recommend against machine washing as the page holder could be damaged. Simply spot clean with a damp microfibre cloth and gentle soap if necessary. Most markings should come off easily.

I accidentally broke the page holder on my Book Seat, what should I do?

Fret not, simply shoot us an email and we will help you get back to reading in hands-free comfort with your Book Seat.

What is the weight of The Book Seat?

The Book Seat is surprisingly very lightweight at only 250 grams. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from pain or weakness in their hands & arms and those that don’t want too much weight on their lap.

What is the inside of The Book Seat filled with?

The Book Seat contains EPS foam beans. These are long lasting and provide a smooth mouldable texture. Why do you use beanbag beans? EPS beans are more durable, mold resistant and lightweight than most alternatives. They also provide maximum flexibility for adjusting The Book Seat into your preferred position.

My Book Seat seems to have become deflated over the years, what can I do?

Similar to a beanbag, with frequent use your Book Seat may need a top up of filler. Email us for easy instructions on how to do this.

The zipper tab on my Book Seat has been removed, is this normal?

Yes. This is a safety precaution to prevent accidental opening by children & others as the contents contain small parts.

How long will my Book Seat last?

The Book Seat is made of high-grade quality materials that are designed to last. Some happy customers have said they've been using their Book Seat for over 10 yrs. That’s longer than most peoples phones!

Where is The Book Seat made?

Part production happens in Vietnam with final production taking place locally at Pine Ridge Industries in Scotia, New York and VIP Solutions Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, California. These facilities provide quality services and support to people who have a developmental disability so they can live active, rewarding and fulfilling lives. We proudly work with similar organisations in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK.

I want to use my Book Seat with a 500 page novel, can this be done?

Yes. Easily. The Book Seat has been specifically designed for reading hands-free with different sized books. A major benefit is not having to hold thick or heavy books. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been read by many using The Book Seat and that is 766 pages. A happy customer wrote us this review, “Yes, it holds up thick books too. I’ve used it on 700 page hard back books; it holds them just fine.”

I am a new user of The Book Seat and find that it sometimes tips over, can you please explain this.

Yes. This is just the centre of gravity needing to be re-aligned. When you initially place a tall heavy book on The Book Seat for example, because The Book Seat is lightweight, it may tip backwards. Or, at the beginning of a large book, The Book Seat may lean to one side, the side where all the pages (weight) sit. All that is required to prevent this happening, is to counteract the weight distribution. To do this, simply hold either side of your open book that is sitting on The Book Seat, and give it a ‘wiggle’ to redistribute the beans into a better position to prop up your book. If it tips backwards, simply wiggle your book forwards, pushing more beans to the back. If it tips sideways, wiggle your book towards the opposite direction it is tipping, so that more beans move towards the heavy side and are able to provide sufficient support.

Do I need to lift my book up off The Book Seat to turn the page?

No. Turning the page is extremely easy and user friendly. The smart design of the page holder on elastic means all you have to do is flip the clear plastic strip down, so that it sits flat under the pages of your book, to bring the page across. Then flip the page holder back up against the new pages and voila! Continue reading in hands-free comfort.